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Oliver’s Super Sandwiches, Festival Walk (Kowloon Tong)


Once again, a remarkable performance from OSS Festival Walk.

I haven’t much to say about this… I ate it all up.

I’d like to take this opportunity to mention OSS’s fine, fine system.

You walk in, see a menu of numbered items, remember the number, approach the counter, state the number (mentioning combo item choice of salad or whatever where appropriate), beep your octopus (not a euphemism) and go and sit down in any available space.

Table-sharing is mandatory. As an Englishman I expected this to be a loathsome experience! Quite the contrary! It creates a wonderful friendly atmosphere. We are “all in it together”.

“It” being a cafe where delicious, inexpensive food is served.

Seconds later your food arrives. It’s hot, precisely resembles the diagram from which it was selected, and all that remains is to scoff that delicious bitch.

Having devoured this fine fare, pausing only to reflect on its crazy price (lunch and coffee will set you back a relaxed $50ish (£4)) you feel it’s time to relinquish your seat to another devotee.

On leaving, you realise it’s only about 12 minutes since you went in. Unbelievable.


PS: I know I delivered a “double bracket” in the penultimate paragraph, and I just don’t care.